Advertising on pda4peds

    So why should the advertiser or the publisher lose some money to the ad network! Let it be direct.

    Here's some useful information for advertisers:

  • The site is mostly visited by health care professionals (mainly child health care professionals).
  • Most of the visitors are interested in improving their PDA / phone medical experience or those who
    are just about to start using the smartphone in clinical practice.
  • We currently receive around 100 visits per day and about 350 page views per day.
  • There are more than 400 subscribers to The Pediatric PDA Blog .
  • 234 subscribers to pda4peds newsletter as of September 8th, 2008.
  • We are positioned among the first two results on Google search results for many keywords such as
    pediatric pda, pediatric handhelds, pediatric podcasts, pda pediatricians, pediatricians pda, best
    pediatric pda programs, pediatric iphone .... and others
  • We display ads from ad networks such as Google and Linkshare, but these can be removed if the
    page is targeted directly by an advertiser.
  • We accept text, banners, images, blog ads, full pages, and newsletters ads.

    If you are interested in placing your ads on pda4peds please Contact Us directly
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