Pediatric Podcasts & RSS Feeds
Podcasts are essentially multimedia files whether audio or video that are ready for download to a portable media  
player or a personal digital assistant. The audio files usually take the MP3 format. The term came from  i
Pod  and
casts where people started to download their MP3 files into their ipods back in 2004 and later. These files or
collection of files can be accessed via syndication feeds through RSS readers and so unlike broadcasts they are not
necessarily streamed at a certain time but rather can be subscribed to and accessed  at anytime using our device.  
So people started to create RSS feeds over the internet and ultimately the medical field involved.
Now for example some medical journals offer headlines and news in the form of podcasts and RSS feeds like           
the New England Journal of Medicine. Also check our RSS Feeds category for an updated list of pediatric specific RSS

In pediatrics there are few services so far that provide podcasts check it out in our
Pediatric Podcasts category.
As mentioned earlier that these feeds can be subscribed via an aggregator (which collects information from the
internet and makes it  available for offline reading).

The usual icon that indicates there is syndication feeds is this

The two major browsers, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox both of them offer built-in feeds readers which allows to
read, download and subscribe to these updated website contents.

Now how do we know whether a website is providing feeds or not?

Internet Explorer 7) look at the tool bar in the right upper corner
we can see here that the icon is highlighted and changed to
the orange color which means that the web page we are browsing contains feeds

Firefox) you will again see the same icon in the right upper corner
just to the end of the address bar

And by simply clicking on these icons the feeds page will appear,
Have a look at the Pediatric PDA Blog feeds page.

Now the question is, How do we download these feeds into our PDA?
This is very simple. Just note down the feeds URL and create a new feed using any feed reader
here is a list of some of these readers:

To learn more on how to configure feed readers
watch this video

Of course you need to be connected to the internet to be able to download these podcasts to learn more about
Windows Mobile internet connections
read this guide.

As we said these feeds can be in multimedia formats such as Audio (podcasts) or Video (vidcasts) and the steps will
be basically the same as with retrieving text news feeds explained above, just remember that sometimes they call it
podcatcher rather than feeds reader when it comes to podcasts
click here for details about podcatchers. However I
still recommend the feeds reader even for podcasts as they are easier to use and will compile for you both the text
feeds and the audio and video podcasts.

So whenever you have a spare time (like when you are on call!) you may listen to pediatric podcasts instead of
listening to the never ending politics and gossips, making better professional use of your time!

To see how to configure Contemporary Pediatrics Radio Using
NewsBreak from Ilium Watch this Video.
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Last updated on June 4, 2008
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