Which Smartphone Will Own the Health Market?

Chris Thorman

Chris Thorman from softwareadvice referred me to his new online survey that he recently posted here. The survey starts with this statement; The smartphone industry is on fire. iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Google are all in the hunt for dominance. We want to know one thing: Which phone will become the device of choice for healthcare providers?

In that survey he’s asking what type of mobile device health care professionals are using and for what purpose.

However, I may disagree with the question itself. Because there will be no winner in the near future. They are all good and they are all competing with each other and adding more and more features day after day. Have a look at the best PDA device for pediatricians article in Pda4peds. It’s difficult to say that any of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Palm, or RIM will ever win our hearts!

Nonetheless, this survey could give us a clue about the current point prevalence in the Smartphone market and It would be interesting to see the results.

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