In this page we list a number of publications and articles from various online resources that are useful for
    the physician and pediatrician in clinical practice.
    These articles may take the form of review articles with general information on the use of the PDA or
    medical research studies that highlights the advantages and disadvantages and the latest advances of
    the use of PDAs / handhelds in the clinical setting.
Online Pediatric PDA Articles & Resources
    Cell Phones & Smartphones: What's the difference?
Smartphone Magazine
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    Describes in details what do we mean by Smartphone and Cell Phone, It is really
    useful for those who want to make the choice between these two before buying the
By Dan Hart
    What can memory cards do?
Smartphone Magazine
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    Describes in details what SD cards are all about, their history, their development over
    time and the newer SDHC cards, and which devices can make use of them.
By Wendy Lecot
    Pediatricians' use of personal digital assistants?
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    Analyzing the survey results obtained by asking 2130 pediatricians to return a mailed
    survey. Determined the percentage of pediatricians "about one third" using the PDA
    and what is the most common use of the PDA "Drug Search".
By Aaron Carroll
.... et al.
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